Friday, November 18, 2005

A lesson in negotiations from Prof Thiru. Feb 6 2004. Q3 of academic year 2003-04. A two page case in price negotiations between a supplier and a manufacturer. That's prof Thiru with his back to the photo. Phani and Amit are representing the vendor I believe. Wonder how many from section A of the 2003 batch remember this. Or Prof Thiru's anecdotes, especially the one where he went, "kabhi aap puchte hai, kabhi poochtach karte hai". I tried to get him to take an elective on business negotitations for us, but he had gone into semi-retirement... Maybe the next batches will have more success. Posted by Picasa


Yaniv said...

Yes, sessions from Prof. Thiru were always priceless. He was teaching a subject which was alien (almost bizarre) for most of us from software background and he always could make it entertaining and educating.

The guest lecturers that he could bring to class were also really good. It's a pity that newer batches in IIMB would be denied opportunity to be taught by him.

Srini at the Movies said...

The 2004 batch was the last one to be taught by the great man as a full-time prof. I think ours was probably his last class. At the end of the last session, we gave him a standing ovation for 2 minutes. It was so spontaneous.

Before leaving he said "Leaves that were once green have turned brown. Time flies by"

Hes truly one of a kind.

He does take an elective on international business negotiations and the core marketing course nowadays


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