Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vista 2010 Countdown: 1

There's an ominous silence in the air.

Logic dictates that it is more probably because it's midnight rather than the "calm before the storm", and relatively sane people are busy living out their dreams in REM mode. Hapless PGSEM students on the other hand are most probably finishing the assignments due for Friday.

Whether we like it or not, Friday will come, and the assignments need to be handed in. It goes without saying that Friday will also bring with it this year's biggest biz bash at the IIM Bangalore. Now why would we want to wish Vista away? Answer me once again, which is more important? The fest or your future??

Just one more day to go. Have you submitted your case?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vista 2010 Countdown: 2

The submissions for the events are slowly trickling in! That means some of YOUR potential competition are done with their basic plan, and are scheming how to hold their fort while the rest of you try to stake your claim.

Submit your entries soon, the last date for submitting entries is 11:59:59 PM, 29th Sep. OMG, wait a minute, that's today!

We look forward to the clash between the empires. We know you'll make it worth watching.

Vista 2010 Countdown: 3

Three days left before all the good business schools in India arrive in IIM Bangalore, some to take back what's rightfully theirs, and others to proclaim that right!

What kind of B-school do you go to?
represent your B-school...
wave your flag...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vista 2010 Countdown: 4

With four days left to go for the fest, you can sense the excitement in the air. More than the air, it's actually in our inboxes... all the last minute frantic "OMG! Somebody look into this ASAP!" and "Drop the assignments, which is more important? The fest or your future?" seem to be setting up an energy that my manager hasn't seen in me during the last year. Of course, he didn't seem very pleased when I mumbled that I was working on our fest preparations.

Then he says "Bah! Four days left, that's all no?".
Yeah, right.

Come by! Check the college out in all its bustle and excitement! Witness the adventure you'll be getting into when you join in...

A big thanks to all...

As Vista preparation is in full swing, there are some of friends who have come forward and have helped us spread the word about Vista Corporate Evening. It would be unfair without at least a brief mention about them.

We, the PGSEM Vista 2010 team, thank Shrinidhi Hande for readily agreeing to and for putting up posts on Vista in his blog and for coordinating with Business Blogging, Callzee, Brandworx  for detailed posts about the upcoming events.

We also thank Raveesh Kumar for writing about Vista Corporate Evening in his blog.

Last, but the not the least, we would like to thank all the PGSEMers who are burning the midnight oil to make sure that Vista Corporate Evening becomes a success.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vista 2010 Countdown: 6

Vista Corporate Evening sponsored by Yahoo! will include the following events:

1. Corporate Quiz - quiz exclusively for corporate participants
2. Software Czars - Case study competition
3. The Next big wave - B-plan competition

Deadline for Software Czars and The Next Big Wave is on 28th Sept 2010. Rush in your entries. More info available at -> Events -> Corporate Exclusive

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vista 2010 Countdown: 7

With a week to go for Vista 2010, preparations have reached a feverish pitch, entries are pouring from all around the country.

PGSEM is hosting the Vista Corporate Evening on 2nd Oct 2010. Are you ready to go give a try?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vista 2010 Countdown: 8

As you guys already know, Vista Corporate Evening events have been launched. What are you waiting for? The deadline for the first round of both Software Czars and The Next Big Wave is on the 28th of Sept.

Roll up your sleeves, dive in, give us ideas, get the moolah (and lot of other goodies) and walk out as winners.

Are you still reading this? Come on, start reading the case....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Events for the Corporate @ Vista 2010!

As the countdown takes place towards one of India's largest bizfests (Vista 2010, duh!), you tend to feel an odd sense of the days just slipping away. And then you realize that this post is surrounded by posts which remind you of the upcoming blitzkrieg!

Yes, we can get very dramatic. It's not every day that you get a chance to go back and take part in some group events, eat some cheap food, rock your head to someone and have a lot of fun! Well, actually most of us do that every day.. the meetings, the cheap food, the "Yes Boss!", "Yes team!", "Yes, (betterhalf)", not much fun though. Well, all that's about to change! If you choose to not just read this post, but do something about it!

The Corporates now finally have a chance to get back! Here's your chance to take part in some fun-filled events, relive the exciting times during college, and network as much as you can! We have Corporate events at Vista, and we want you... yes, YOU! (Even that quiet guy lurking near his keyboard there), to come and take part!

The links at the website is here, here and here! We even made an awesome poster, just for you! Now, come over!

Vista 2010 Countdown: 9

Monday, September 20, 2010

Vista 2010 Countdown: 11

India's First Ever Product Management Conclave - Conducted by IIMB

PGSEMers at IIMB conducted the first ever Product Management Conclave in India on 19th September 2010. The event aimed to leverage the vantage position of IIMB to pitch fork the aspirations of the industry to realizable heights. The event saw 300+ people in attendance and had Product Managers and Product Marketing managers from the IT industry discuss, debate, network for common goal of excellence in their fields. 

Links: 'Make India a hub for productising innovation' by The Hindu
'Focus on Products, say IIM Students' by The Times of India

Friday, September 10, 2010

IIMB invites application for PGSEM 2011 admissions

IIM Bangalore invites application for PGSEM 2011 admissions. More information on the admission details and application form can be found here.

Important Dates for PGSEM Admissions 2011

Sunday 21st Nov 2010

Open House at IIMB Auditorium

Saturday 18th Dec 2010

Start date for submitting online applications

Saturday 5th Feb 2011

Last day for submission of applications

Sunday 13th Feb 2011


March 2011 by prior Invitation

Alumni & Faculty Interviews

Saturday 28th & 29th May2011

PGSEM 2011 Batch Orientation and Inauguration

Friday 17th Jun 2011

PGSEM 2011 Batch Program Begins


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