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"It made me plumb the depths of my endurance and made me do things that I never thought I am capable of. At any point in time I am juggling the responsibilities of work, family and IIMB academic rigor - each of which an extremely timeand- energy consuming responsibility, but then again I just have 2 hands and 24 hours in a day! PGSEM taught me the art of balancing the pressures of all three against seemingly impossible odds and survive each day somehow!!" – Ritabarata Bhaumik 
"It is wonderful to be associated with some of the best minds in the industry It is wonderful to be part of such a prestigious institute and listen to some truly great thoughts from the illustrious faculty. It helps me evaluate my areas of interests and gives a direction to my thoughts on who I would like to be" – Karthik Swaminathan 
“With PGSEM, academics are just one part of the story. After a long time I was reconnected back to a whole plethora of extra curricular activities including Biz Fests, Cultural Fests and Inter-IIM sports meets. All this makes you feel charged up and younger by many years. I got opportunity to travel to, as well as host different IIM’s as a part of IIMB sports fraternity. The passion with which these events are contested gives you a defining experience for life. Apart from this, I believe, the number of friends across IIMs and across Programs that I have made during this whole journey will always remain a precious asset of my life.” Gulprit Singh, Student PGSEM 2008 
"Being a part time management program, PGSEM not only taught me business management skills but also allowed me to put them to practice in real world. I could also learn life management skills through juggling between family, work and studies for three years. In short, by pursuing PGSEM, I think I am better prepared to handle future challenges, both professional and personal" – Ashok Bhat 
"Exposure and perspective it gave in terms of the different aspects involved in the functioning of a Corporate, which I could take to work and apply it from the very next day!" – Hema Mohan 
"PGSEM is a well designed course for professionals who want to develop business acumen while working in parallel. The course helped me not only understand the business environment in India and abroad but the underlying dynamics of doing business. The learning from the experienced faculty members at one of the best business school is fabulous but one of biggest advantage PGSEM provides is the opportunity of learning from classmates who come with rich experiences in diverse filed" - Somnath Sinha Mahapatra 
“PGSEM offers the same coverage, exposure & learning that a full-time MBA does, while also provides the PGSEM student an opportunity to reinforce & internalize his takeaways through implementation & validation at his workplace. Further, the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with IIM-B professors who have mastered the art of imparting world-class education, and with PGSEM class-mates who are themselves stalwarts in the IT domain, enables the double-learning loop and enhances the overall effectiveness of classroom education. In my opinion, in a country poised to become super-power in the service industry, PGSEM is a symbol of innovation in management & business education.” – Avnish Kshatriya 
"PGSEM The primary reason, why I joined PGSEM, was to move into the role of product management in the IT industry. PGSEM provided me the building blocks for this transition. Even after the transition I have been able to tailor the electives to help me grow in the role. The program is ideal for professionals who are willing to apply the theory taught in the classroom to their everyday work" – Gourav Katyal 
"PGSEM has broadened my horizon, helped me to ask right questions and provided the immense network of highly energetic & intelligent professionals in the industry. The experience at the institute, the class discussions and interaction with professors has been amazing. The program structure has allowed me to apply the learnings almost immediately at work" – Saurabh Jain
"PGSEM has now become a salient pillar of the long duration programs being offered by IIM Bangalore. It is heartening to the program being run successfully. The calibre and commitment of the participants have played a significant role in this success" - Prof. Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIM Bangalore
"The PGSEM students bring a level of professionalism and commitment to the program that is unique" - Prof. Trilochan Sastry, Dean (Academic), IIM Bangalore
"Ever since its establishment in 1998, PGSEM has kept pace with India’s changing environment in IT sector and groomed the participants to contribute towards the growth of Indian software industry . The unique philosophy of PGSEM program is collaborative learning and knowledge creation. PGSEM program has more than 800 alumnus and many of the alumni occupy top positions in the industry. I genuine believe that PGSEM is a value proposition for aspiring business global leaders in software industry" - Prof. Narendra M Agrawal, Chairperson, PGSEM
"The vision at PGSEM has been one of developing leaders who combine technical expertise with business management skills for technology intensive enterprises. During the last ten years IIMB has successfully delivered on this promise. Look forward to increasing innovative entrepreneurship and global leadership positions from PGSEM graduates in the future" - Prof. S. Krishna, Founder Chairperson, PGSEM
"If you were to join the FPM program after PGSEM, you will be given exception for the core program, just like the PGP students. Within the limits of scheduling, lots of electives are offered jointly to PGSEM and PGP. So in essence you are getting the rigor of the PGP, while you continue to work" - Prof. Abhoy K. Ojha Former Chairperson, PGSEM
"From the institute’s point of view, the design, content & expectations wise, there is no difference between PGP and PGSEM. We make that statement even in our PGSEM certificate" - Prof. Rajendra Bandi, Former Chairperson, PGSEM
"Traditionally, managers in the IT sector are technologists, who have risen up the ranks with little or no formal training. Their mechanical style of execution can limit the progress of an organisation. The PGSEM transforms the technologist into a well-rounded professional, who can deliver competently in an increasingly global business context. PGSEM alumni appreciate the clarity that their education provides them to realise their organisational as well as personal aspirations" - Prof. Shankar Venkatagiri, Former Chairperson, PGSEM
"PGSEM has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, keeping pace with the latest needs of the industry and the technological trends. The students of the program, past and present, have displayed tremendous enthusiasm and commitment towards the course. No wonder, PGSEM carries a formidable reputation in the industry" - Prof. Shyamal Roy, Former Dean, IIM Bangalore
"The Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management has been by far one of our most spectacular successes" - Prof. Ramnath Narayanswamy, Professor, Economics & Social Science
"I have always enjoyed teaching the PGSEM participants. Not only have I found them highly committed and always keen to learn, but also they make teaching more exciting and challenging by asking excellent questions throughout the course. The program is as rigorous as any other long duration program offered by IIMB. The program chair and his committee take great care in admitting high quality students. the finished products from this program are fit to take any leadership challenge in top industries across the world" - Prof. Malay Bhattacharyya Professor, Quantitative Methods & Information Systems Former Chairperson, EPGP
"PGSEM program is positioned both in terms of its content and format to very efficiently impart the managerial skills, domain skills and technical skills to the industry professionals and to the companies as a whole" - Prof. K. Kumar Chairperson, NSRCEL
"If you would like to be a part of the story which transforms the competitiveness of the industry in terms of yourself getting a better awareness and understanding of the concepts, tools and techniques for enhancing competitiveness, you might like to seriously consider joining the Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management here at IIM Bangalore. This will enable you to transform yourselves from mere software professionals to software business analysts or software business leaders" - Prof. S. Raghunath Professor, Corporate Strategy & Policy
"The PGSEM programme provides distinctiveness to IIM Bangalore. There is no other programme in India and perhaps anywhere in the world focused on the needs of the IT industry that is conducted with such discipline and exacting standards. PGSEM’s rigorous selection process ensures that the students are bright and keen learners who represent the leading edge of the Indian industry. The programme facilitates development of managerial and scholarly competencies so that the students emerge competent and confident to win fairly in a globally competitive world" - Prof. Sourav Mukherji Associate Professor , Organizations & Strategy 
"There are three ways PGSEM can benefit a participant’s career growth: vertical growth, lateral growth and value add to the existing role. I find that an overwhelming number of participants agree that they have realized the third benefit quite quickly, though there have been people who have moved into other work areas and other roles also" - Prof. Vasanthi Srinivasan - Associate Professor, Organization Behavior and HRM
Industry Speak
"PGSEM is a program which Infosys has been a partner of and involved with for almost over a decade. Today we have over a hundred Infoscions who have benefited from this program. I believe that this program is very strategic for lnfosys because as lnfosys goes up the value chain, we have begun to realize what is required is a great combination of technical and analytical skills as well as business knowledge. Our customers expect us to use our knowledge to help solve the challenges and provide business solutions.For that, having a strong grounding in technology combining with a good appreciation of business strategy, business issues and issues regarding competition is very important" - Mr. Nandan Nilekani Co-Chairman, Infosys Technologies

"PGSEM has really emerged as a very important program for the industry and it was the industry partnership that IIM Bangalore has always promoted which is program being run" - Mr. Som Mittal - President, NASSCOM

"Congratulations to the students here, as well as those who have preceded you, because the great institutions know the kind of special magic that results, when you have brilliant, committed and creative faculty, as well as, engaged, bright and interested students, because innovation and learning takes place not in a standard sense of lessons being spoken to you and you taking down the notes but it is really the interaction. You deserve equally the congratulations on the spectacular success so far of this program and the ongoing trajectory that it is on. It is a source of pride for all of us. You have a great way ahead" - Mr. Harsh Manglik – Chairman, NASSCOM

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