Monday, October 03, 2005

PGSM Interim Report Format

Now that the deadline for the interim progress report of the PGSM project looms large - this weekend - we, the students, are scrambling to get our acts together. And the first question was - "CAN WE GET THIS POSTPONED?? PLEASE!!!! By at a week? Pretty please???" The second question was, "What's the darn format for the darn report?" (substitute 'darn' with Ray Barboni's favourite word in 'Get Shorty' for better effect). Since Rusty was smart enough to have completed the project in the 8th quarter itself, he was kind enough to send the format he used (turns out there is no prescribed or proscribed format, but anyway...).
Sample format for the interim project progress report


mspanduranga said...

Even though there is no prescribed format for the interim-report, my suggestion would be to use the format sent out by the PGSEM office and change the main-page heading from "FINAL" to "INTERIM".

Can't be too careful now-a-days with the way things are going deep-south !!

John Davis said...

Excellent post Admin. Now I have to really think about what I say here ;)
I think it's important for people to also think about how powerful an effect comments can have, especially for new bloggers. A comment is both a validation that someone has read the content and connected with it - that can inspire someone to continue on interimmanager, or if too negative, make others consider shutting down.
At any rate, I'll give this more thought but I'm bookmarking this post to share with Friends. Thanks again.


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