Monday, November 29, 2010

Q&A during open house

Thanks to all that turned up for the event and made it a great success. The panel discussions were very informative and hopefully the alumni and faculty were able to address the questions. Any further questions can be mailed to

Those who could not make it on Sunday might have missed the talks but nevertheless, we'll not let you miss the questions that were addressed.

Edit: In addition, some of the commonly asked questions on the PGSEM Info Yahoo! group has been addressed here.

ps: these are the personal views of current students

1. For a person less than 5 yrs of work experience, what contribution can he get to the class?

Varied levels of experience are not just accidental but desired for an MBA classroom. While some bring extensive experience to the classroom, the ones with experience <5 years bring a fresh perspective to discussions. Having completed their education recently. After being admitted each person is equal in class and has equal opportunities to contribute and learn.

2. EPGP vs PGSEM, What are the distinguishing factors for joining? Considering that one has 10+yrs of experience. What is the difference in course content?

Distinguishing factor is that EPGP is a full-time course packed in 1 year and has placements at end while PGSEM is a part-time course spread over 2.5 years, giving options to working executives to plan and space their semesters. This DOES NOT offer any placements. The number of course credits and content is the same in terms of both subjects and credits. Students have to weigh the two options while considering the course. A candidate is more likely to take the EPGP if they have more than 10 years of experience and are looking for a complete shift in domain. He/She is more likely to take the PGSEM if he/she is going to remain in the IT industry and is looking for additional knowledge and learning which allows for viewing organizational issues from a multi-dimensional viewpoint.

3. I am a budding Manager in the next 6mth to 1 yr. If I take the PGSEM, I might lose the opportunity to be a manager.

PGSEM requires you to attend classes on weekend (Friday and Saturday). Friday classes end at 1:30 pm and hence allow people to be back to office. Other than this interference, office can be work as usual for the student. PGSEM requires a senior representative in company to sign that they are OK with the student coming in late on Friday and hence post this step from your organization, it implicitly says that your organization supports you in your quest for higher learning. If anything, the learning from PGSEM would help enhance your ability to confront issues and provides you opportunities for assistance and hence higher roles in organization.

4. What benefits can I get from NSRCEL?

The good news is that if you would like to start an enterprise, and are looking to do so in the technology sector, then NSRCEL is a very nurturing incubator for you! The more important news is that you don't have to be a student at IIMB to come to NSRCEL, you could just walk in. All you have to do is fill out the form at and move things along!

In general, the benefits you get from the NSRCEL include expert advice from serial entrepreneurs, an opportunity to voice your idea and gain funding, and even start your fledgling enterprise within the premises!

5. Why cannot we conduct classes on Saturday and Sunday?

To avoid spoiling the students' Sunday, it remains vacant for self study and personal time in general. The program was conceived in collaboration with the IT industry which primarily benefits from this course. Since inception, organizations have shown their acceptance of this programme by allowing their employees to come in reasonably late to work.

6. If I quit the company in-between the course can I continue with the course?

Yes, you may. Even if you were to quit your job and stay unemployed for a while, IIMB would still consider you as a student.

7. One is looking for role change within the organization or in the market? Who I will be competing with?

It's a personal choice. If you identify a role you want to move into, you need to work towards it. Again, you are competing with yourself. Nobody will come and give you anything on a platter, choose your goal and make it happen. You can equip yourself with the skillsets you will require through PGSEM.

8. What are the criteria for selection to PGSEM?

Tests: CAT/GMAT/PGSEM Test + SOP + Interviews

There is no optimum scores for each test as such. IIMB Admission committee will look for performance from 10th standard onwards to under graduation and other factors like relevant work experience for giving calls

9. Will I get consulting help to get my next promotion via this course?

Short answer is no. This course is not to get you your next promotion. This is an MBA program which equips you business skills and exposes you to the world of knowledge and opportunity. No doubt you’ll learn how to do better in your current role, but there would be no capsule on getting you promoted. You will have to find such opportunities and apply your learnings to reach such a goal.

10. Know more about Student exchange program. What are the benefits in doing so?

The exchange program helps you to have an international exposure by spending a term in an international B School. This is also a good opportunity to be a full time student and interact with international participants. The leave of absence from the company you are working and other arrangements needs to be taken care by yourself. There is no extra tuition fees other than the quarter fees you pay @ IIMB. However other expenses needs to be borne by the participant.

11. While joining I have to submit the SOP. But in due course it changes. Can I have the data for the Students Post PGSEM?

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a part of the admissions process. Upon being admitted, you are not held accountable for it; nor has the institute collected data on deviations from SOP for the past years. MBA degree per se doesn’t intend to box people to their past thinking and there is a great chance you’ll have an ‘aha’ moment and change track completely to a new goal. What the SOP intends to do is judge a person’s ability to plan and articulate his goals as they stand today and how good a fit is an MBA for achieving the goals. It also helps the institute to verify if the person fits within the class at IIMB.

12. How has PGSEM helped alumni in the panel?

At the end of the day, all said and done, going through the PGSEM programme will make you look at the problems from a very different non-technical perspective than you would currently. As such, it equips you with the skills required to determine solutions for such issues. The programme encourages you to go out and create jobs instead of searching for some, and quite a few students of ours have started their own companies and taken the plunge.

13. Male female ratio, how do women find the course, how do they fare?

The percentage of women in class is approximately 10-15%. It is true that they find it a little harder to find time for course preparation, but the women in class are a model of discipline and have proven time and again their commitment towards their studies. Some of the women have also taken additional responsibilities in extra-curricular activities as part of the Students' Affairs Council.

14. Why PGSEM is called so if its content is not very software specific?

Student intake is from the IT industry and hence since conception, the course is called PGSEM. The course is equivalent to the normal PGP course in content but has good number of electives in the Software Enterprise Management area.

15. How does setting individual pace in second year works; like within 6 years?

The benefit of this course is that the after 5 quarters, the student is allowed to take breaks if his personal or official commitments so require. Taking a break and spreading out the course is not considered exception.

16. How is PGSEM test different from CAT?

PGSEM test is very similar to CAT or GMAT with difficulty on a lighter side. For a sample PGSEM test, visit Any good CAT or GMAT book available in the market should help you. A preparation time of 3 months is good enough even if you are completely out of touch of aptitude tests.

Questions from the PGSEMInfo Yahoo! group
17. Is the PGSEM a course focussed on management in the IT sector? Should I rather be doing a more general MBA?

PGSEM as a course is not focussed on Software Management. We do have a few electives that are IT-oriented, but almost all the courses are also being offered in the mainstream PGP programme. Students can choose to do a general MBA, or even specialize in fields like Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Entrepreneurship amongst the available disciplines.

Monday, November 15, 2010

PGSEM Open House

The schedule for the PGSEM Open House has just been published:

1. 9:00 am - Registrion desk opens (Registered participants to report at registration desk)
2. 9:30 am to 10:00 am - Tea
3. 10:00am to 10:10am - Presentation by Student Affairs Council, PGSEM
4. 10:10am to 10:20am - Address by Prof N M Agrawal, Chairperson - PGSEM
5. 10:20am to 11:00am - Panel Discussion
6. 11:00am to 11:30am - Tea
7. 11:30am to 1:00pm - Q & A session

We look forward to meeting you guys! Come along, and listen to our faculty, students and alumni tell you about why we are so enthusiastic about the PGSEM programme!

Oh, one more thing. We know that Bannerghatta Road is not the best of roads to travel on, and there's a good chance of traffic... we come here every weekend. So please try to leave home early, so you can be at the event on time! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diwali break that was

It’s been an end to a very festive season here in India and the school gears to start the PGSEM classes this Friday. Most students have utilized the time to network and catch up with family. Even though the end term is lurking just 3 weeks ahead, it was time to unwind and stretch considering the whole batch was finishing up the R assignment till 2 days before Diwali. This was the time when almost all groups would have worked remotely, a very important aspect of today's business world. Learning to balance leisure and work is as good a lesson at MBA School as is the actual subject.


Coming to the R package: I cannot end this post without a few words of appreciation for this excellent statistical tool. Beyond a class on introducing the various possibilities at R, most of the learning happened through moodle (An open source collaborative platform). It was a collective effort of many that could help everyone learn the nuances of R. Working on R reminds you of beginner days as a programmer where you know what to do logically but have to read a lot of stuff on internet to actually accomplish it. Possibilities of R package are amazing and with so many folks with IT background, I am waiting for the date when all share their assignment outcomes. For now I’d say there’s some interesting data that we’re analyzing.


The activities at campus would have already picked up, number of remaining classes before end term is dwindling and so most of the students would be putting their head down to study and various student committees would get into action for upcoming events. The first of which is the open house for the prospective students. What you get out of an MBA depends to a great extent on how well your short term and long term goals are aligned with what the institute offers. So my advice to those interested is to contemplate and come prepared to the open house where you can see the campus, get your questions clarified and most importantly meet the current students.

Till then have a smooth transition to some interesting work. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Open House on 21st Nov

IIMB is conducting open house for PGSEM 2011 aspirants on Sunday 21st Nov 2010. Interested candidates may register for open house here:

The format followed usually is as follows:
Inauguration of the open house and welcome address by the PGSEM Chairperson, Alumni discussion on PGSEM experience, Question and answer session with Alumni and current students. The agenda is subject to change.

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