Saturday, February 18, 2006

Elective on Competitive Marketing

Prof Kanagal is offering an elective on Competitive Marketing in the upcoming quarter that begins next Friday. The text presrcibed is "Strategic Market Management" by David Aaker (link to book on Those taking the course shall get it free of charge, and those wanting to buy the book can purchase it for about Rs 250 from the IIMB bookstore, as there is a low-priced Indian edition available.
The course sounds interesting, and one that I would probably have enrolled for had it been offered in Q2. And I am still in a post-PGSEM fatigue mode to enroll in it.
If you look at the reader reviews of the book on there are some nice things said about the book; one reviewer has this to say:
"I was first exposed to Aakers Strategic Market Management during a marketing strategy course at National University of Singapore. I really appriciated the disposition of the books. It is relatively thin, not many words are useless (which is uncommmon in the case of marketing text books).
Later, still a student, I got the opportunity to develop a marketing strategy for a smaller firm. During this time Aakers book was of the outmost value, being used for reference throughout the analysis. Highly recommendable.

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