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Important Dates for PGSEM Admissions 2011

Important Dates for PGSEM Admissions 2011
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Important Dates:
Sunday 21st Nov 2010                            Open House at IIMB Auditorium
Saturday 18th Dec 2010                         Start date for submitting online applications
Saturday 5th Feb 2011                            Last day for submission of applications 
Sunday 13th Feb 2011                            PGSEM Test 
March 2011 by prior Invitation                 Alumni & Faculty Interviews 
Saturday 28th & 29th May2011               PGSEM 2011 Batch Orientation and Inauguration 
Friday 17th Jun 2011 PGSEM 2011      Batch Program Begins

Social Entrepreneurship - Guest lecture by Nikhil Dey

Social Entrepreneurship in the 6th term has become one of the most interesting, thought provoking subjects I have taken at IIMB. OB classes made me take a look at myself, but SE on the other hand, is making me think how I should look at the world around me and how I can make a difference. In the journey called Social Entrepreneurship, we have come face to face with so many people who have selflessly dedicated their lives to making others lives less of a struggle.

MKSS - Nikhil Dey(Right) with Aruna Roy and Shankar Singh. (Photo Source: Tehelka)

One such person is Nikhil Dey. Founder of Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghathan, a non-party peoples' organization, held a guest lecture at IIMB - PGSEM Social Entrepreneurship class yesterday. MKSS famously used the right to information as tool to draw attention to the underpayment of daily wage earners and farmers on government projects, and more generally, to expose corruption in government expenditure. Initially, MKSS lobbied government to obtain information such as muster rolls (employment and payment records) and bills and vouchers relating to purchase and transportation of materials. This information was then crosschecked at Jan Sunwais (public hearings) against actual testimonies of workers. The public hearings were incredibly successful in drawing attention to corruption and exposing leakages in the system. They were particularly significant because of their use of hard documentary evidence to support the claims of villagers. 

We live in our sheltered world, have all the right answers to our problems. But what about the 60% of our population, which doesn't even get a Rs.100 per day? What about them who have no money, no power, no education to guide them through? Take a look at this video and you will know what MKSS is accomplishing in Rajasthan. 

We are all political. Right from the way we treat womenfolks at house, the way we treat our domestic help, the way we see what is going on around us. We are deeply political. But when it comes to doing something about it, we raise our hands and say "what can I do?" or "Our country has gone to the dogs. Only God can save it". We have abstained from the political process all together and have left it to the gundas who are our so called 'leaders', who are only interested in making money for themselves and people who elect them are jokers to them. Have we tried to find out what our elected representatives have done for us? Have we tried to get information about what development works are going on in our area? Can we find out who laid our roads that develop potholes every 3 months, and who was the engineer who okayed it and passed the payments? Do we try to get information on why all the greenery of Bangalore is being sacrificed in the name of development? 

But can we really make a difference? 


The right to information act is truly powerful. The government has never been accountable to the people so far. The government is ours, the MPs and MLAs are our servants. We chose them to do our work for us. RTI is that tool with which we can ask them what the hell are they doing, how they are spending our money. The money that we earn by travelling to the other end of the city - day in & day out, the money that we earn by slogging every weekday of the month.

Today, I invite all of you to give it a thought and to participate in our democracy. Try to get involved. If every informed citizen like you and me takes the responsibility to get involved in our democracy, we can make our society better. Especially at the time when our MLAs are ready to be sold for obscene amount of money due to their greed for power, position and wealth. Especially when the legislature is a place for goondas who have made a mockery of democracy. Especially when the elected MLAs have brought shame to the state.

Links: Longer version of the video is available here.
A video that every Indian should watch: Aruna Roy at IISc, Bangalore

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Vista Day 2

Where else will you get this chance? pitching your ideas to VCs, fighting for the idea you put forth to the best brains and intellectuals in the country, making strategies for the startup or making financial forecasting for exciting new venture ideas. The two days of Vista 2010-11 went just on a fly.

The second day was more exciting with wonderful participation from the corporates. The second day hosted four corporate events.The corporate events started with Software Czars which witnessed arduous way up convincing the judges about the strategy plan for the case given on localized advertisement based venture.

Followed was an exciting quiz exclusively for the corporates. The participation was marvellous that the elimination was a tough one to do in the prelims. The quiz master, Thejaswi Udupa did a wonderful job with interesting questions putting his real quizzing skills. The event paved way for some of the best quizzers in the country to meet again and compete.

With all competitions going everywhere, a talk for a change was required; and no one was disappointed. A wonderful, inspirational and informational talk on Challenges in preparing for India's future by Mr. Arun Shourie followed.

Another b plan competition  in telecom sector which was again exclusively for the corporates was the next event scheduled on second day. The classroom once again witnessed fierce discussions, the finalists pitching their ideas and strategies.

IIMB never sleeps, Vista days are no exceptions. A post meridian corporate dinner followed, with industry stalwarts joining the student and faculty community of IIMB. It was a nice experience with discussion sprawling over industry growth to challenges to academics to family.

What else would you like to have for a day? the event continues with a plethora of online competitions continuing and don't forget, there is one more day of Vista!

The main attraction for the third day is the Media Conclave attracting personalities like Shobhaa De, Gul Panag, Ramanujam Sridhar participating! See you there tomorrow...

Friday, October 01, 2010

Vista 2010-11 is finally here!

You always thought of a business school as a place to be serious and studious; Vista an event for the oh-so-serious who fight hard at the b-plan and case study competitions, didnt' you?


Paintball and Rock Climbing at Vista 2010-11

Paint the town red... Scale new peaks... Let your hair down.. Take a break..


Vista 2010: It begins

The headlines today read:
"The total IQ in a particular college on Bannerghatta Road appears to have tremendously shot up over the last 24 hours. Representatives from the college remains tight-lipped on the change in average IQ refusing to comment on whether it has gone up or come down.

Sources say that this apparent infusion of brainpower and adrenaline will remain so for another 72 hours, and that local residents nearby need not panic. There are chances of lightning and thunder emanating from the very ground, but this will be all be safely contained within the premises of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore."

And so it begins...


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