I. In terms of difficulty can anyone rate these 3 exams?

The exam levels are pretty much same. It is the percentiles you need to get that makes them perceptually different

 II. While CAT as well as GMAT scores are considered for PGSEM, is there any guidance on CAT vs. GMAT?
Ultimately it's the percentiles, which we think should be almost similar for CAT/GMAT intake.

III. Even after taking CAT/GMAT, can one still appear for the IIMB entrance test for PGSEM. If yes, what scores are considered - CAT/GMAT or the PGSEM Test?
There is a small window between CAT results declaration and PGSEM application closing date. The score of the test you mention in the PGSEM application is considered and you can mention only one!


I. I wanted to know what sort of opportunities we can get after PGSEM.
Do companies consider it as a MBA or part time MBA? Can we move into consultant, analyst and strategy roles.
A: One of the biggest contribution of such an education from a place like IIMB is that you will tend to look  beyond the need for placements. For many of our alumni, opportunities opened up when they strived to use their learning and you can similarly make your way to where you want to reach.

B: Firstly, most of the opportunities comes during PGSEM. In my class, most of the folks who made a transition did that during the duration of the course.
So a better question would be to ask about the opportunities during PGSEM.
Entrepreneurship - The absence of placements in the programme has done wonders for many PGSEMers. Many of us have left their jobs and have turned entrepreneurs. Approximately 10% from each of our recent batches have done so, within or shortly after the completion of the programme.

Product Management - Many transitions have happened in this field. The number tends to be comparatively greater from the PGSEM programme as against the others, quite probably due to the background and relevant experience of the candidates. There are others who have continued their work in product marketing and other relevant positions.

Engineering Management - Many of our classmates have chosen to continue or been promoted to senior roles where they could effectively make use of their education.

Sales and Pre-Sales - Many of us have actually moved on to roles such as sales and pre-sales. This is also a popular arena for successful transitions.

Services delivery and Program Management - Many of the folks in my class came from such a background and during the course were promoted to take senior roles with in their organisations. Many of us are actually doing very senior roles in respective sector.

Having said this, marketing and strategy specifically in IT remains the catchment area for PGSEMers for such transitions and it happens. Ultimately we have found that most of the PGSEM participants who have wanted to, have been able to make a relevant transition.

With regard to the oft-asked stream of questions on placements, it might be relevant to understand the context herein. First, the majority of students from the PGSEM programme have had considerable experience in the IT industry, and many tend to have higher salaries when entering the PGSEM programme as compared to the median salary of outgoing PGP students. Also, given that organizations in the finance and consulting domains tend to recruit candidates with much lower work experience, we can rule these domains out. Second, it is hard to meet the salary expectations of the PGSEM candidates who would have spent an additional two and a half or three years in the programme. Third and most importantly, the programme was started with the vision of bringing up the IT industry in India, by way of allowing working professionals the opportunity to refine their thinking with an additional business outlook. As such, there is an unspoken implicit understanding between organization and IIMB that the programme will not aim to provide lucrative opportunities after the programme, given the ongoing support and flexibility to the candidate from the organization, for the benefit of the local industry.

In reality, the education is invaluable and we have found that we are provided with the confidence to stake a hold an objective view which is respected within and outside of our organisation. This is something that can only be realized by undergoing the course, given the access to an amazing staff of professors and educational resources.

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