Monday, April 08, 2013

Bidding adieu...

Last Monday was the most memorable day for the outgoing batch of PGSEM - Convocation and receiving of diploma from Mr. Mukesh Ambani. And I believe this will be my last post as a PGSEMer in this blog.

It has been almost three years since we entered this campus as a PGSEMer. More than 200 case studies, 60 exams, 30 projects and hundreds of sleepless nights - that is what it took for us to reach where we are today as a proud IIMB alumnus. Life as a PGSEMer gifted some of the most memorable days to us. Whether it was the mesmerizing lectures by our Professors, or interaction with the industry stalwarts or the long long hours of intellectual discussions during projects - they provided some of the exciting moments. We had the opportunity to interact with eminent personalities like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam to Henry Mintzberg or from Anna Hazare to Narain Karthikeyan  or from Harish Hande to Anand Sharma. While it would be unfair to pick just a few, I would like to call out some of our personal experiences from PGSEM. Grueling; yet fun-filled orientation days by our seniors were perhaps the most memorable which helped us break the ice quickly and become a group. Some of the occasions that proved our caliber were when the 'one' thought that stuck us at 1AM while sitting in EPGP lounge becoming an insight appreciated by Professor the next day in Consumer Behavior elective or the five minutes pitch that we made during class that was well received or the impact we made through our projects in helping NGOs. At the same time, it was not always positive too; we also had some 'get-out my class' and even professors closing the class abruptly because we didn’t read the case.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” I think all the PGSEM students believe in this; otherwise we would not have joined PGSEM sacrificing the weekends, family functions and official promotions for three years to learn more. At the same time we all had the desire somewhere in the mind to achieve those heights that we dream t of, that the media boasted about for IIM students. Some of us are confident of reaching those heights, some are already in the path, some are struggling; some are even skeptical. But, I am one hundred percent sure that with the caliber we have, each one of us will reach the echelons that we dream t of tomorrow if not today and make a difference in this world. Otherwise we won't have reached here, studied in one of the best B Schools and received the wisdom from some of the brightest faculty in our country  and  received our diplomas from stalwarts like Mukesh Ambani or Raghuram Rajan. We juggled multiple demands while we were a PGSEMer; didn't succumb to any pressures and proved what we are capable of. I am confident we all will strike the iron when it is hot!

Some of the life-time friends were made during these years; there was also a couple in our batch :); some of us started our own; some of us are all set to join big names in the industry post PGSEM. While we conquer the new heights every day, I wish we never forget those who helped us to get through this course - the one who helped us quickly revise portions for an exam or the one who stepped up for us during projects when we had a bad day at office or the one who gave advice in handling a personal situation or the ones with whom we watched endless number of movies; and those who provided us the much needed moral support!

While I officially exit the iconic grey wall, some of my long pending dreams are fulfilled, some are yet to come true. Some of the lessons I learn-t will act as a beacon in my future and some of the memories are to be forgotten. This blog gave me an inspiration before joining the course; and to write about my experiences during the course. Managing some aspects of PGSEM online channels including this blog were some of my first online marketing experiences :).  I hope to continue my blogging at An MBA Diary.

I thank all the readers of this blog for the continued patronage to us and I am sure my junior batches will continue to bring the PGSEM life experience to you through this blog.

Once again, I take this opportunity to congratulate PGSEM class of 2013 and wish all the very best...

ps: This post is a vivified version of my final speech given to the outgoing batch.

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