Monday, August 21, 2006

PGSEM in the news

"B-school for the `techie'"
by Anjali Prayag
Business Line [21/Aug/2006]

IIM-B's Post-graduate Programme in Software Enterprise Management aims to transform professionals with strong technical knowledge into business leaders with equally strong management knowledge and a global perspective.

What is interesting and perhaps unique is that this practice of continuing education came very early and has caught on in the IT industry.

Read the full story at:

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kotler in Chennai

Dr.Philip Kotler, the economist turned marketing guru was in Chennai last month (17/July/2006) on an invitation from Great Lakes Institute of Management. All of us would have welcomed an opportunity to get some gyan from the father of marketing.

But did you know that Dr.Kotler got some gyan on RFID from Ashok Balasubramanian (Student, PGSEM 2005 Chennai). RFID is set to revolutionize retailing and Ashok (also known as TCS Ashok or DML Ashok) is a pro in designing solutions for retail.

Here's Ashok, second from right, demonstrating the RFID enabled store at the TCS campus in Chennai. Dr.Kotler is second from left.

Way to go Ashok ...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Advanced Masters Program for GDW

Prof S Krishna, the first Chairperson of the PGSEM program, Professor in the Information System & Quantitative Methods area, as well as Co-chair of the GDW Foundation has sent this out to all PGSEM alumni about an advanced master's program that will be conducted across the world.

The program is delivered with the participation of top class institutions in four regions of the World-India, USA, Europe and China as follows:
1. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India
2. UCLA, Anderson School of Business, Centre for Management in the Information Economy, Los Angeles, USA
3. Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, Netherlands
4. Faculty of Business, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong/Suzhou, China

For further details and application material, a request may please be sent to

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