Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kotler in Chennai

Dr.Philip Kotler, the economist turned marketing guru was in Chennai last month (17/July/2006) on an invitation from Great Lakes Institute of Management. All of us would have welcomed an opportunity to get some gyan from the father of marketing.

But did you know that Dr.Kotler got some gyan on RFID from Ashok Balasubramanian (Student, PGSEM 2005 Chennai). RFID is set to revolutionize retailing and Ashok (also known as TCS Ashok or DML Ashok) is a pro in designing solutions for retail.

Here's Ashok, second from right, demonstrating the RFID enabled store at the TCS campus in Chennai. Dr.Kotler is second from left.

Way to go Ashok ...


Anonymous said...

Its happy to hear chennai become 1st city producing RFID products in india,,,,


Anonymous said...

A small clarification: TCS in Chennai is not producing RFID products. It has developed a software solution for the retail industry based on RFID technology.


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