Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diwali break that was

It’s been an end to a very festive season here in India and the school gears to start the PGSEM classes this Friday. Most students have utilized the time to network and catch up with family. Even though the end term is lurking just 3 weeks ahead, it was time to unwind and stretch considering the whole batch was finishing up the R assignment till 2 days before Diwali. This was the time when almost all groups would have worked remotely, a very important aspect of today's business world. Learning to balance leisure and work is as good a lesson at MBA School as is the actual subject.


Coming to the R package: I cannot end this post without a few words of appreciation for this excellent statistical tool. Beyond a class on introducing the various possibilities at R, most of the learning happened through moodle (An open source collaborative platform). It was a collective effort of many that could help everyone learn the nuances of R. Working on R reminds you of beginner days as a programmer where you know what to do logically but have to read a lot of stuff on internet to actually accomplish it. Possibilities of R package are amazing and with so many folks with IT background, I am waiting for the date when all share their assignment outcomes. For now I’d say there’s some interesting data that we’re analyzing.


The activities at campus would have already picked up, number of remaining classes before end term is dwindling and so most of the students would be putting their head down to study and various student committees would get into action for upcoming events. The first of which is the open house for the prospective students. What you get out of an MBA depends to a great extent on how well your short term and long term goals are aligned with what the institute offers. So my advice to those interested is to contemplate and come prepared to the open house where you can see the campus, get your questions clarified and most importantly meet the current students.

Till then have a smooth transition to some interesting work. Cheers!

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