Monday, October 17, 2005

Life at IIMB, from a PGP's perspective

There are a fair number of blogs by IIMB PGP students also, of which most seem to stop after placement season, for some reason or the other. It's nice to hope that the PGSEM blog will continue even after graduation, if for no other reason that IIMB has absolutely no intentions whatsoever of ever even contemplating the possibility of offering anything close to placements for the PGSEM course. I will write a post on that separately, and what I learned from a former PGSEM Chairperson.

But this post is about the very eloquent description of an academic quarter by a gentleman named Nikhil Ramesh on his blog.

And I quote, verbatim...

"So it begins. The much talked about term 2. What's so significant about term 2 you ask ? Well, nothing much, except that it is a glimpse straight into hell, if my seniors are to be believed. And not one of those small peeps into hell where you just survey the scene for a few seconds and then decide whether you wanna vacation there or not, but it is a long sabatical, lasting for 3 months, where you will get to dance with the devil on a daily basis.Whats in term 2 that is making me dread it so you wanna know. Well read on.
Acads :Nothing much, just 4 extremely miserable subjects. Operations Management where the devil pulls down your pants, Marketing where he proceeds to make you remove your underwear, Quantitative Techniques where he clasps your .... ahem ahem......"jewels" in his scaly palms, and finally Corporate Finance where he will administer the coup de grace and squeeze the living daylights outta your manhood and ensure that he leaves you impotent. Oh, I forgot to mention, there are 2 more subjects, ManComm-II and some HR course, just to ensure that you dont have any spare time at hand to nurse your wounds."


Yaniv said...

I never understood what is this hoopla by PGP guys about the academics. Most of them seem to be sleeping or doing all-night cultural festivals whole night. Now if you do that you will end up feeling that you are being "squeezed".

Anyway everybody has freedom to have a point of view.

Anonymous said...

Well Yaniv you might want to really find out why most IIMB profs fight it out among themselves to offer courses for the PGP students (except in sixth term!) and the PGSM students have to make regular chakkars in the faculty blocks to beg the IIMB profs to offer them any course they possibly can - which are usually courses that did not float in PGP.


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