Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Events for the Corporate @ Vista 2010!

As the countdown takes place towards one of India's largest bizfests (Vista 2010, duh!), you tend to feel an odd sense of the days just slipping away. And then you realize that this post is surrounded by posts which remind you of the upcoming blitzkrieg!

Yes, we can get very dramatic. It's not every day that you get a chance to go back and take part in some group events, eat some cheap food, rock your head to someone and have a lot of fun! Well, actually most of us do that every day.. the meetings, the cheap food, the "Yes Boss!", "Yes team!", "Yes, (betterhalf)", not much fun though. Well, all that's about to change! If you choose to not just read this post, but do something about it!

The Corporates now finally have a chance to get back! Here's your chance to take part in some fun-filled events, relive the exciting times during college, and network as much as you can! We have Corporate events at Vista, and we want you... yes, YOU! (Even that quiet guy lurking near his keyboard there), to come and take part!

The links at the website is here, here and here! We even made an awesome poster, just for you! Now, come over!

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