Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How useful is PGSEM

Now that some of us are very close to completion of PGSEM program, I thought it would be great if we could list down some of the things that made this program worth the effort.
  • One of the main value additions that I think I have got from the programs is the fact that it has given me enhanced understanding of some of the support activities (like HR, finance, sales, company law and marketing) so if tomorrow I end up in position where my day to day work is dependent on these functions, I would be able to better understand their input and at the same time figure out when they are just screwing with my head
  • For somebody who has any kind of entprepreneurial ambitions, this program is of extreme value just in terms of the networking that it offers. Also the courses that are offered related to starting and managing an enterprise are good inputs to start the enterprise.
This is what I thought helped/would help me. What say others.

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