Monday, November 21, 2005

Feb 2004 Photos - Marketing end term I think. Can't be sure though. Would have to look up the test schedule and then look at the photo date to find out. That's too much work! As you can see, some are happy, some are tense, some are laidback, some are hunched-over, some are dozing, while some are staring.

The small size of the uploaded photo will make it difficult to identify individuals, but for those interested, Dinesh and Harish in the far corner are looking at me, bemused. Ramya is plain amused, while Jagan has his hand over his head. Shivam is peering over the case. The case itself was an unpublished case on value based analysis. A couple of quarters later, when some of us took the elective on BMS (Business Market Strategy) by Prof DVR we had the opportunity of dissecting the case in greater detail.

I wanted to caption this as 'Buddha-under-the-tree', but didn't.

This could be the morning of the stats or the SPO end term. Don't know for sure. The photo time-stamp reads Feb 8 2004, 11AM.

As far as the QMM core course went (that would Quantitative Methods for Management, aka Statistics), my knowledge as about as bare as this tree. Well... I was really looking for an excuse to post this photo... Posted by Picasa

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