Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Time to get psenti! After all, it is the done thing on pass out.

So, what are your lasting images of the 2.5 years at IIMB that defined the experience for you? (Abhinav, I meant mental images!)


- Shyamal Roy bursting Dinesh's bubble by labelling his question "Incomprehensibly Intelligent"
- For some wierd question from Subabrato Das (trust me, you dont want to know) which had the class & our group stumped, Harish piped up and launched into a "one tail/ two tail" explanation. I still dont know what transpired but Das was very happy!
- Ramnath Narayanswamy setting expectations (Unacheivably high, IMO) by destroying Nishit in the inaugral lecture
- Actually preparing for cases before the JR's SM class (Oh, the innocence of youth!)
- Ramnath again: starting each class in Spirituality with "Harish, what did we learn in the last class" and Harish coming up with 10 different ways of saying "ego"

Go on, let us know what defined it for you.


Yaniv said...

A VC asking us if our business is profitable from day one then why do we want funding and after a longish pause, we saying that we need it for the contacts

JR saying "What can you say, when you are good, you are good"

Yaniv said...

Dinesh responding to HR lady from Airtel that his career aspiration is to sit on a beach and that lady referring to dinesh for whole course as "beach ???"

Avidreader said...

Gopal's comments on coming half an hour late to Madan Mohan's SOM Class, "So what? I would have missed 3-4 frameworks"

anandhi said...

janat shah was teaching inventory replenishment....and took naren gently by retorting "you need to say that the uncertainty in lead time is what causes you to be late" to naren's excuse about a sudden traffic situation....

Avidreader said...

During lumch we were discussing about Prashant's new dress. Someone commented that after SASKEN IPO, Prashant seems to be wearing new dress everyday and that all the leading brands are making a beeline to his home. Then Pankaj commented "Nash Equillibrium is being created at Prashant's house"
What equillibrium is that?!!!

Avidreader said...

Prof. Narayanaswamy completing the whole of Management Accounting text book in 4 sessions flat.

Prof Narayanaswamy completing 3 to 4 chapters in one FSA class. And some of the students actually following the proceedings.
Wow again !!!!

JRam's famous 'My Friend Ramya Here.....' statements making some of us feel as if Ramya was next to Andy Grove in Intel hierarchy.

Avidreader said...

New words added to english language like 'Proxy'mity (close friendship) ap'proxy'mately (Just sufficient)....

Harry said...

Great efforts folks :). Love the old memories.


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