Friday, December 09, 2005

Vignettes - 2

Sridhar had a post (link to post) a few days back about memorable and lasting images from PGSM. These are a few of my favourites:
  • Vivek Moorthy stating in a Global Financial Markets (Q7) electives class, with a straight face, that "the GDP is nothing but an autoregressive sum of its lags".
  • Janat Shah in an OM class (Q4) very sweetly taking Naren for coming late to classs. Don't quite remember the exact words.
  • Das in a QMM class (Q3) asking one of the students to explain the difference between a mean and a statistic (or something to that effect; I have blanked out that entire course from my memory).
  • Thiru in a marketing class (Q3) regaling us with his Calcutta anecdotes... "kabhi aap poochte hai, kabhi aap poochtach karte hai", or giving a short 10 minute lesson in negotiations, with Phani and Amit as the lambs to the slaughter
  • Prof Srinivasan stating in a very serious manner in a Social Entrepreneurship (Q10) class, "I have a theory that I can set unanswerable papers, but I am not going to test it out"
    . Or advising students to go in for the project option and not the end term test because "the end term paper will be much tougher than anything you can imagine in your life".


Yaniv said...

Another incident relates to one of the discussions that I had with some foreign (american) guy somehow related to PE (political economy) class. He mentioned to me that problem of third world country like India are that we elect bad politicians. After a lecture of 30 minutes I asked him if he would like to compare his president or my prime minister or president. TO say the least, he was speachless and beat a hasty retreat.

Yaniv said...

In the class of RMD (research of marketing decisions), when professor mentioned Heteroscadicity, there was a giggle in the class.

hsalia said...

Personally I think the time when Ramnath N. took off on that guy in spirituality and self D for the global M , threatening to throw him out was a gem.
The other was when R. Narayanaswamy subtly told the class that he'd spent a lot of years learning his debits and credits and didn't want to unlearn it because one of us said that they needed to be the other way around.
Vasanthi had a rich expression on her face when I apologized for living in the real world and not in her make believe human resource world.
Watching Subho stumped by Ashu's "the probabilities don't add up to unity" in the marbles examples was quite a sight, frankly I thot all of them had lost their marbles, so what was all the fuss about it not adding up?
But the cake goes to Shakarshan B. where I thought I was the least interested guy in corp fin class and he came up with something that goes "yeah, basically you assume something and you get those numbers" and I was sitting there feeling enlightened, this guy was light years ahead of any of us in his disinterest.

Yaniv said...

Another one that I heard from one of the guys in 2004 batch. I think prof. R Srinivasan mentioning that there would be one final exam and one makeup exam for people who miss the final exam at the same place and same time. Students can choose which one they want to take.

Avidreader said...

Prof. Shyamal Roy's question in the macro exam: "Given a choice, which of the Professors will you shoot first (in the order of priority)? "
The options:
1. Economics
2. Law
3. Social Sciences
4. OB
5. Quantitative Methods (I think I am adding it on my Own. I will also add corporate finance given a chance!!)
And his reason for asking this question? "I wanted to see which subject you disliked the most"


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