Monday, September 26, 2005

High hopes!

... or so I think after looking at the list of what is planning to be accomplished

Define requirements (work with PGSEM office and define the logic, get sign- off)
Create new s/w (programming, database, front end, architecture etc) or Modify/ Enhance existing one
Testing and Sign off (from PGSEM office, select student testers)
S/w documentation (How to use manual)
Publish guidelines to students on the process of electives allotment
Run the allotment for one quarter (Nov 2005- Feb 2006) along with PGSEM office staff
Bug fix, Training end users (PGSEM office staff), Hand over and Sign off

If it happens, the guy has to be jobless.

Any goal that involves intraining PGSM (to hell with the bloody E, I just like the four letter words) staff is not achievable.

What say the rest of the folks ?



Abhinav Agarwal said...

Hope springs eternal! Vinay was absolutely right in automating the most time consuming part of the process: transcribing individual choices into Excel or something similar.

Yaniv said...

But what do you expect from PGSEM students.THe first thing they would do is to appoint a program manager who will start managing the program.

Anyway contrary to what was mentioned in the mail, all portions of elective process are automated the main problem is that IIMB does not have a linux server that can be accessible from internet. Anyway I am happy that my sins are over.


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