Friday, September 30, 2005

Do Indian IT companies really need MBA

This post is more about "Do IT companies really need MBAs". Before people jump to conclusion, I am all for software engineers doing MBAs because it is good for their careers. But the question that I want to as is does it really add any value for companies.

Most of the companies are doing primarily "bug fixes", "maintenance" and other incremental feature development. All that requires from management stand point is good knowledge of Microsoft Project or equivalent tools and some common sense.

The skillset that people acquire while doing MBA are so much more and I don't seem to find any use for anybody in day-to-day IT company life. My belief is that many of the phases of the product development cycle that may require those skills, we do not participate in at all.

Most of the companies that I have interacted with can't even do costing and it does not hurt them at all.

What say you?


Abhinav Agarwal said...

Somewhat - yes. IT companies in India don't really know what to do with MBAs, especially from schools like IIMB. I guess it is partly because the Indian IT industry is at that stage of its evolution that it needs more project managers than product development managers. Actually, even more than project managers the Indian IT industry seems to be looking for 'headcount' managers. Of course this is a simplistic generalization, and that the reality is somewhat more complex. But even so, I wouldn't blame the IT industry so much as put it down to the fact that things will change over time. More the number of enthusiastic and competent PGSEM graduates that is added to the Indian IT industry more the chances that progress will be accelerated. It will take time, but I feel that 10 years from now, the leaders of Indian IT will be PGSEM graduates :-)

Yaniv said...

I would keep my fingers crossed for that if I don't develop carpal tunnel syndrome by that time ;-)

mspanduranga said...

" More the number of enthusiastic and competent PGSEM graduates"..I agree with the "enthusiastic" part..but the jury is still out on the "competent" part :-)

I agree that with time, things will change in the Indian IT-scenario.

But that change will happen only when more and more Indian-IT companies strive to join the league of the Big-3 and actually attempt to "grow" their business on a truly global scale.

MNCs in India..I doubt any change actually. The "firangs" will obviously want to keep the money/business-control in their own I doubt they will actually want their Indian-subsidiaries to search and develop business independently.


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