Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Microeconomics, Strategic Management and the art of elevating students' intellect

Microeconomics is the study of "what is". Strategy is the study of "what should be". The meeting place between the two is in your minds.
        - One of our esteemed professors.

Time and again, our peers in the software industry ask us about PGSEM with an eye on job prospects after the course. Just a few hours ago, I replied to a yahoo group query on the oft repeated value question. Now that I am on the side that answers those questions, I thought it might be a good idea to write about my perspectives on what is actually the "value" of PGSEM.

The management education sector, in which placement figures routinely make headlines, compels people to think about placements as the only return on investment worth measuring. Maybe that is an acceptable measure for most institutes under the sun. But for IIMB, it is one of the many measures and depending on your career goals, it might not even be a very important one.

But irrespective of your career stage, goals and aspirations, a great course would elevate your thinking and change forever the way you perceive people, companies and the world at large. And for us PGSEMers, that invaluable act of elevation starts right from the admission stage and continues all the way to the last quarter due to the high standards set by the institute. Those standards are sustained by professors who amaze us everyday with their knowledge and perspectives. Those standards are strengthened by our classmates who bring a wealth of experience from many different functions in the software industry.

So, to capture what we feel:

Was it easy getting in? No.
Is the course tough? Hell yes!
Do we have placements? No.
Are we bothered about that? No.

Why not?

Because this is the best mind bending roller-coaster ride we have ever taken.
Because with each passing day (and each passing case!), the world is never the same in our eyes again.
Because this is where we learn from the best to constantly challenge ourselves and change the game.


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Thanks! It really is important to inspire others to get better.

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