Monday, May 02, 2011

A 'Good' Friday

PGSEM 2009 student Sanjeev Kumar PS has a unique experience to share:

We have got inspired by them, We look upto them, we are proud of them... They are our Armed forces!
There is a program ongoing in IIMB for officers from Armed forces. Participants include guiness book record holders, commandos, brigadiers etc.  

PGSEM students hosted a buffet lunch for these wonderful people on Good Friday. The day really turned out to be literally a "good" Friday. PGSEM students met them in person to get inspired, listen to their leadership thoughts and of course to increase their networking.

As the armed forces shared their stories with pride, PGSEM students listened to them with great intent. There were stories of valour that were heart wrenching and at the same time inspiring. 

At the end of the day, it was PGSEM students who felt more proud to have spent some quality time with these great country men who have offered so much to our nation!

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