Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing Voice of PGSEMer

Starting with the below post, we are introducing a new section on the voice of PGSEMers. In line with the 'Know Your Alumni' series, these posts will focus on insider views of PGSEM students on the course and their experience.

Hi from Venky, PGSEM 2010. Thanks to IIM Bangalore for conducting an excellent part-time MBA program meeting the needs of Software Professionals in Bangalore. Just to give a bit of background about myself, I am a techno functional person with project managerial skills and one of the co-founders & directors of 7 years old 150 People Company CRMIT( in Bangalore with a total experience of around 12 years in IT field. Though I have lot more subjects to go through in next 7 quarters, I thought of sharing how some of the subjects that I learn t in three quarters helping me in my day to day work

 In the first quarter we had Microeconomics, Financial Accounting and Strategic management. Microeconomics reemphasis the fact that delivering under constraints is the key challenge for any manager, financial accounting helped me to better understand my own company's balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement and Strategic management provided great insights on different proven strategic frameworks available to formulate the right strategies for your company's needs in this competitive environment

 In Q2 we had Quantitative methods, Macroeconomics and Managing Organizations. Managing Organizations provided me techniques on designing a scalable organization as you grow and inputs on key people related challenges and solutions to handle. QM emphasized the importance of "numbers" in your day to day decision making and Macroeconomics gave me the understanding that management is not just about managing company, customers and people but also able to expect and manage macro economical fluctuations like Inflation, Exchange rate, Interest rates, Unemployment, GDP growth etc

 Now in Q3, we have Marketing, Law and Managerial accounting. Introduction to marketing is a great subject to understand better your company's strengths and weakness, competitive challenges, customers preferences and use them effectively as the base to segment, target and position your products and services. Law is an interesting subject to understand the legal framework, typical legal challenges you would possibly encounter with your employees and customers, ways of handling them and best practices to be followed in Contracting / licensing. Managerial accountings provides insights on managing your overhead expenses, effectively playing with your fixed & variable costs and provides a structured approach of budgeting, planning & control your operations to build an effective, efficient & profitable Organization

 In net I am delighted about choosing the right program that helps me practically in my day to day job and I enjoy every class conducted by excellent faculties of IIM Bangalore. I also got an option to do a 3 months exchange program with a well recognized college in USA and I am hoping to gain a lot from the same

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Your views and comments have been very useful. Thank you for sharing them. I would like to know what are the exchange programmes that IIMB has for it PGSEM course and which are the various universities it has a tie up with.



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