Friday, May 28, 2010

Inauguration and Orientation for PGSEM 2010

We had butterflies in our stomachs... A curiosity of how life in IIMB would be. We were both excited and anxious at the same time. Excited that we would be meeting 80-odd classmates to share a journey for the next 2.5yrs, to share a bond that will last a lifetime and anxious about what lay in store for us, anxious about going back to college life after so many years.

We had a whale of a time for 2 days @IIMB campus during inauguration and orientation in May 2009. We hope our juniors enjoy the stay as much as we did. Make the most of these 2 days, get to know your classmates and seniors. We are sure you will remember May 28 - May 30 as starting of a new era in your lives.

Here is wishing the class of 2010 all the best.

Good luck!
PGSEM 2009

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