Sunday, April 11, 2010

Important dates for PGSEM 2010


Sunday 22nd Nov 2009:                  Open House at IIMB Auditorium
Saturday 19th Dec 2009:                 Start date for submitting
                                                      online applications
Thursday 4th Feb 2010:                   Last day for submission
                                                      of applications
Sunday 14th Feb 2010:                    PGSEM Test
March 2010 by prior Invitation:    Alumni & Faculty Interviews
Saturday 29th & 30th May 2010: Orientation and Inauguration
Friday 18th Jun 2010:                    Program Begins

Academic Calendar for PGSEM 2010 - 2011

Quarter       Begins                          Ends
Quarter 1    June 18, 2010              August 28, 2010
Quarter 2    September 10, 2010    November 27, 2010
Quarter 3    December 10, 2010     February 26, 2011
Quarter 4    March 11, 2011           May 14, 2011


Abhinav said...

The dates are wrong. The interviews are to be held in April, AFAIK

Supreetha said...

@Abhinav, it is the official schedule released by PGSEM office. But yes, the interview calls are sent out in March and interviews are held in April as per my experience.

SK said...

Hi All,

Can some one help me with the dates & contacts for IIMB MBA cource.


Supreetha said...

@SK: What MBA course are you talking about? Maybe you should have a look at if you are interested in pursuing PGSEM.

adicoza786 said...

Any idea about the dates the final selected list will be out for PGSEM?

Aps said...

What is the deadline for sending out offers?

iim mba cat said...

hey thanks!!
keep updating!!!!!

GK said...

results are out

tushu said...

Hey Guys,

Can any one please help me to find out the dates for PGSEM and Executive General Management program for 7 to 8 months.

I am planning to apply for any one of this course in coming year 2011 or the latest batch which is starting.

Please guide me from where to get the details of application for these courses.



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