Monday, January 01, 2007

The New Advanced Master's Program at IIMB

IIMB now has an Advanced Master's Program in Management of Globally Distributed Work (AMPM) in collaboration with three other institutions - UCLA's Anderson School of Management, City University of Hong Kong, and Erasmus University (the Netherlands). You can get more information about the program here. Also see my previous post on the program.


rksuraneni said...

I am planning to take this one (Advanced Masters programme in Management of Globally Distibuted Work) @ IIMB. I have these questions which I could not find at their website:
1. How old is this programme. So far how many batches come out?
2. Is there any other university is offering the similar programme?
3. What are the job opportunities after completing this programme? Will the university provides any guidence?
4. Can I get in touch with anyone doing this programme now?

Thanks in Advance,
Ram Suraneni

Anonymous said...

Any One who is planning to take this course , keep it in mind that the institutes or professor does not grantee about the visa .They are only arranging the invitation letters from other universities which does not have any much significant in consulate .Specially getting US and Europe visa is very difficult .3 students of batch 3 AMPM have not got the visa for the US ,and institute does not have any plan to overcome this .The professors do not cooperative at all for such difficulties .After paying that much huge amount of fees if you do not get the visa ,means your career fininsh.
So I suggest all the new applicants before taking the admission to this course discuss with the professors regarding the visa issues ,if in case you don’t get the visas what will be next action??? Because after getting the fees they really don’t cooperative at all.......

xyz said...

I wont agree with Anonymous,Invitaion letter carry lot of weightage. At some point individual also needs some responsibility.At counsalte you need to give appropriate answers and produce necssary documents.

Vign123 said...

What if I have B1 Visa already? Will the Port of Entry is OK with my B1 visa for studies.My question what type of visa is it required to take up the clas in US/UK

Vign123 said...

Also any body knows what kind of salary package we get after completing this course. I am a 8 years experience guy and I am program manager at a company with presence of 190 countries.


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