Friday, March 31, 2006

Photos from the IIMB Convocation, 2006

I should be posting photos from the rehearsal first, but since I have not yet named and sifted through those photos, here are photos from the convocation evening. This is me, after I had been robed and sashed (is that the correct usage?). Anyway...

And here are four shining stars from the class of 2006! Left to right: Prashanth, Shivam, Suresh, and me.

Harish Arora with his fancy camcorder, and Vinay Avasthi in appreciative mirth.

I am incorrible with a camera. These are Prof Jishnu Hazra, chairperson of the PGP program, and Prof Raj Bandi, chairperson of the PGSEM program.

Sign of the times... And IIMB too has a nice widescreen display on display as you enter the institute.

This is the procession as it starts to make its way to the amphitheater.

The high tea. Some snacks, juices, and sweets. Amit Singh was busy with his camera. Shooting me shoot him.

Once the procession started to make its way to the amphitheater, you could see that the chief guest, chairman, and director were there on the dias. While the four chairpersons were standing at the entrance. From left to right, they are the chairpersons of the FPM, PGPPM, PGP, and PGSEM programs.

The dias.
Photos (c) 2006, Abhinav Agarwal, unless otherwise specified.


MuthU Kumar said...

nice pictures.

Mahima Hada said...

While "sashed" means "To put a band or ribbon about (the waist)", as we caanot say "hatted" we will settle for sashed. :)

And yes "hatted" is a word. I checked. ;)

Anonymous said...

Abhinav Aggarwal is very unpatriotic. he hates India.


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