Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Indispensable MBA Companion Site

This is a site titled as a "Web Economy Bullshit Generator" -

Try it out and you are likely to find it indispensable when you need to sound smart. Some phrases the generator spewed out:
  • architect granular e-services
  • transition back-end interfaces
  • recontextualize granular vortals
  • implement robust niches
  • monetize best-of-breed users
  • reintermediate web-enabled e-services
  • And many, many more....

1 comment:

Yaniv said...

Here is an interesting app called bullfighter. This was originally developed by deliotte and touche and is now an indepedent app.

It would let you calculate bullshit factor of any document. I have tried it in past with great result.


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